Mai Kobayashi is a Japanese artist.Her fascination with color began while working as a beautician for a Japanese cosmetic company, followed by posicion at a photostudio. While lived in Tokyo, Mai was inspired by the neon streets of the night, who colorfully color the garkness that spreads across the neon streets. While traveling through Los Angels, Mai was incredibly moved by the artists met and dicided it was time to make the art in my heart. She quickly realised the joy of expressing own imagination and has been creatingever since, As a women, Mai wishes for all womens to have the option to live freely. 

After a series of recent exoeriences that had brought change into my life. I embarked on a new creative focus concentrating primarly on fantasy art where I combine fantastical and real world issues within my work. What I feel and hear in my imagination is expressed through my art. My choice of color and aesthetic is influenced by the traditional art and drawing techniques of my country of origin.

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